Brew Parameters:

  • 25 grams of coffee

  • 425 grams of water

  • 3:10-3:25 minutes of extractions time


  1. Start by placing a fresh paper filter in your Kalita Wave

  2. Pour the hot water over the paper filter.

  3. Add the freshly ground coffee to the wet paper filter.

  4. Place the Kalita Wave and carafe onto the scale and press the "Tare" button

  5. Pour hot water over the grounds until you reach 50-55 grams and let sit for 30 seconds

    1. Waiting 30 seconds gives the coffee enough time release the carbon dioxide.

  6. After 30 seconds, start extracting the coffee by pouring in the same spiral motion.

    1. Continuously pour until you reach the 425 gram mark.

    2. While pouring, the spirals should go from the center to the outside of the Wave and back inward.